Mentoring & Tutoring

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Chinese Proverb

There are many reasons why your child may be struggling at school and natural ability is only one of them. As the person who knows your child the best, read through the list below to determine if some of these factors may be involved.

  • avoiding work due to a fear of failing and looking stupid
  • inability to push through when the task is difficult or confusing
  • feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks set
  • unclear about how to get started on tasks
  • fear of asking questions
  • negative self-talk
  • boredom
  • gaps in earlier learning
  • classroom pace too fast 
  • teaching style does not match learning style

(If you would like to understand more about the factors that can influence learning , go to Factors that influence Learning )

Learning is not just about solving a Maths problem or summarizing the plot of a novel.

Learning requires a complex set of skills. It also requires individual self-awareness of learning style, personal strengths and roadblocks to learning.

Without the learning skills and self-awareness, a student can achieve the necessary assessment standards, with the guidance, modelling and feedback a tutor can provide. They may eventually pass the test, the topic or the task, but will not have developed the broader insights to enable them to transfer that achievement to the next test, the next topic or the next task.

However, with these learning skills and self-knowledge , a student can become a confident and independent learner, able to generalize their skills to new and unfamiliar situations.

A tutor can explain skills and ideas in new and different ways. They can break tasks down into smaller steps and provide tips and strategies to better manage the task.

But as a mentor I can help a student to

  • better understand their unique learning style
  • identify their personal roadblocks to learning
  • build on their strengths
  • gain insight into their negative thinking
  • develop positive thinking
  • learn how to scaffold tasks and develop action plans

Through my holistic approach, students can develop insights and understanding to assist them to approach future tasks and challenges with more confidence and resilience and to become happy and independent learners.

Good teachers understand that to successfully educate students, the first goal is to engage with them by developing a positive and honest relationship that acknowledges and affirms their unique personality. It is only through this positive engagement that the young person will be prepared to talk openly about their difficulties, try new things, be open to feedback and be prepared to make mistakes.

For many years parents and students have acknowledged that, my ability to quickly establish a positive and respectful relationship with my students, has been a key factor in improving their grades and building their confidence.

In order to start to get to know your child, my first session includes an extra half hour at no cost to find out about their learning style, their strengths and fears and concerns. Sessions are held in the safety and comfort of your own home ( or at a mutually agreed venue) and are available  3pm – 8.30pm on weekdays and 9 am – 4 pm on weekends. ( Extra catchup sessions are available throughout school holidays)

My specialist tutoring focus is pre-SACE students (Year 4-10) in the Australian National Curriculum learning areas of Science, Mathematics, English, and Social Sciences. At SACE level, my specialist subjects are Stage 1 and 2 General Mathematics and Psychology.

Mentoring is aimed at students attempting Stage 1 and 2 SACE  or students transitioning into high school, who are struggling generally with organization, motivation and time-management across all their studies.

Fees are based on a one hour session but it is recommended that senior students book for one and a half hours. Fees are inclusive of travel within 15 kms. Travel costs for longer distances are negotiable.

Year 4 – 6  $55 per hour

Year 7-12   $65 per hour ( $95 for an hour and a half)

For further information, please contact me:

Mobile –  0423155963

Email –

Important Note: Is mentoring the same as counselling?

The answer is NO. My counselling experience informs my mentoring practices. However, mentoring is not counselling. If your child suffers from chronic mental health issues, a diagnosed serious learning disability or sustained behavior management concerns, then this service is not the best option for your child. However, if you are needing assistance with finding professional counselling support, I am very happy to offer free referral assistance. Please email your request to