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Why do I need a Life Coach?

Every year, as the fireworks light the sky to welcome the new year, many resolutions are made. Most of them are forgotten by February!! Why is this? Well sometimes people are high on excitement (and alcohol) and making a resolution just seems like a positive way to mark the occasion. Sometimes the resolutions are just a way of closing the door on an annus horribilus, a promise to oneself that “I won’t let that happen again!”

For many people, the idea and intent was there, but the goals were vague, perhaps even unrealistic, and there was no action plan to make them happen. Some people might have a plan, but then life gets in the way. The familiar roadblocks appear – outside pressures, setbacks, discouragement and negativity from within, fear, lack of energy and motivation – and quietly the resolution slips onto next year’s list.

A few people do achieve their goal. But change and growth do not happen by accident, good luck or a brief promise made at New Year. Those who succeed have clear, well – defined goals and a realistic and sequenced plan of attack. They are committed to change, and are prepared to make choices and face challenges; they are open to feedback and often have the support of another person who understands what they are trying to achieve.

In business, mentors have been used for many years to help staff develop and achieve personal goals, to attain leadership skills and to facilitate better working relationships.

However, you do not have to work in a large corporation to access mentoring. Through life coaching you can make positive changes in any aspect of your life whether it is a professional or personal goal. Working with a life coach could mean that those New Year resolutions become your reality.

You can obtain affordable and practical life coaching through my new adult mentoring service:

          Life Coaching on the Move

As an experienced personal and relationship counsellor, and personal growth educator, I can help you define and plan your goals and develop useful action plans. With my on-going support you can increase your chances of achieving those goals.

To add a deeper richness to the coaching process, I can also introduce you to the Enneagram, which is a personality typing model that provides information about your specific personality style and patterns of behaviour.

Unlike many other services, there are no contracts. You can book one or several sessions, with the frequency that suits you, and at a place which is convenient. I am available to come to you – to your home, your workplace or favourite coffee shop. To help you decide whether this is the best service for you, I offer a 25% discount on your first session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: My counselling experience informs my mentoring practices. However, mentoring is not counselling. If you are currently experiencing a serious emotional or mental health crisis, then this service is not the best option for you. However, if you are needing assistance with finding professional counselling support, I am very happy to offer free referral assistance. Please email your request to

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