Mentoring – Pasadena / Year 11

How did you hear about my business? Through school

How helpful and responsive was the first contact with you? It was really helpful

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with my work:

Ability to engage the student         4/4   

Knowledge and skills         4/4

Flexibility and responsiveness         4/4

Tailoring the mentoring to meet the student’s individual needs          4/4

Provision of resources e.g. worksheets, notes      4/4 

Timing and availability of sessions      4/4  

Reliability        4/4 

What did you find most helpful? Having someone help plan any assignments and tests that were coming helped me plan on focussing in working effectively on which subject is important.

It was also helpful with the tutor having knowledge of some subjects which allowed me understand how she would work in those particular subjects.

What, if anything, could be improved? Keep up the good work

Would you recommend my service to anyone else? Please give reasons. Yes I would because she has managed to help myself plan and work effectively through this year. If someone had the same problems as I had before going to Learning Circle, I would let them know about this business.