The Learning Circle


My name is Anne-Marie Clark and The Learning Circle is my philosophy for facilitating successful learning and personal growth in everyone. Learning starts with self awareness. Successful learning builds self-esteem. Positive self-esteem enhances goal achievement and improves learning. Through my unique skills and experience I am able to provide mentoring services to students as well as life coaching/mentoring to adults.

Learning requires a complex set of skills. It also requires individual self-awareness of learning style, personal strengths and roadblocks to learning.

Personal growth is a life-long journey. Changes do not happen by accident but by making informed choices. Making effective and long-lasting changes requires accurate awareness of personality style, skills in goal-setting and action planning and the motivation to change.

I can tutor your child to pass their Algebra test or to write that essay on the novel they have just read. But, more importantly, I can mentor your child to:

  • Strengthen their learning skill set
  • Understand their personal learning style
  • Improve their organization, planning and time-management
  • Increase their resilience and confidence

I can provide life coaching and mentoring to adults who are looking to make changes in their lives. Are you considering a ‘sea-change’? Changing jobs or careers? Seeking a promotion? Returning to study or work ? Leaving the workforce? Starting your own business? Getting more life balance? Getting healthier? Starting a relationship? Wanting to travel?

As a life coach I can help you to:

  • Understand your personality style
  • Identify and utilize your personal strengths
  • Identify the factors that have inhibited you until now
  • Set realistic goals and develop action plans to achieve them
  • Challenge negative self-talk and remove roadblocks
  • Maintain motivation until you reach your goal

About meDSC05791

I am a registered teacher and qualified counsellor with over 35 years experience in education, group work, team management, and individual and relationship counselling. This experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults; students, parents and teachers.

I have specific qualifications and experience in mentoring students and adults, including training in the Enneagram model of personality and Coaching with the Enneagram.

I also have recognized experience working with larger groups in schools as a speaker, workshop facilitator and in curriculum program development in regard to student well-being. Themes covered include Building Resilience, Relationship Skills, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Study Skills. (Other examples and detailed topic outlines are provided in the Workshops link above)

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